Non Medical Home Care

Deer Park, TX

Very often we find that your aging loved one doesn't need any health related care. More often than not you beloved senior is still very much able to do the usual routine and they live full lives. It is the few other things that come with age that can get to a person that develops a need and a desire for in home care. There are certain things that you and your family do but can't do all the time due to your already busy lives. Our non-medical home care services include but are not limited to: giving seniors rides to places they need to or regularly go to since they are too old to drive or don't own a car. Helping around the house preparing meals and basic housekeeping while they regain their strength after surgery or chemotherapy. Or simply keeping them company in around the house after the loss of their own loved one. Personal independence is important at any age and seniors need it most of all. Seniors can feel like they had it all and now due to age they are losing their own freedoms and independence. With our professional senior care and non-medical home care our in home care giver can help your beloved senior get back those freedoms, retain their independence and enjoy their day to day activities with confidence and safety knowing someone who cares is always around and ready to help in any way possible. Our services are personalized to the senior and can range from full blown personal care with things such as bathing and dressing, oral and personal hygiene and exercise or range to smaller tasks and services such as transportation, grocery shopping, recreational activities and simple companionship. So if you are in Deer Park TX or near us in Pasadena TX we will come to you and give you the care you need and the care you want.