Non-Senior Care

Baytown, TX

We have been discussing seniors this entire time. With good reason of course, a large portion of our services are tailored for senior citizens and are meant to help in caring for them and helping them through such a new and strange time in their lives where age final catches up to them. We do however also offer non-senior care. There are plenty of people afflicted with various diseases and conditions that limit their ability to care for themselves or be safe and able on their own. When this is the case you can call us here at Right At Home in Home Care and Assistance. We help those who suffer from mental health issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depression when the burden becomes too much to bear on their own. We offer services those with special needs such as adults and young adults with Down syndrome. A common service of ours is the in home care for people recovering from cancer and chemotherapy. Helping around the house with the tasks that they are too weak to do and being there to help through it all. We help those living with Parkinson's disease and other degenerative disorders. We also help those that are paraplegic or quadriplegic to help them live day to day with their affliction and ease the burden on you. We have a wide array of staff trained and skilled in helping in non-medical care as well as skilled registered nurses to help with medical needs. Everyone is different and everyone deserves independence and help when they need it. From our home base in Pasadena TX to the Baytown TX area we strive to provide the best in home care and services we can. Why? Because we care deeply about any and every one that needs the help, care and services we provide and being able to help those people is a reward within itself.